Meal prep, massage therapy & holistic care, personal training and even clean additive free spices and condiments! 

Bespoke Fit Solutions is here to help build your custom lifestyle! 

Seasoned athletes looking for a leg up on the competition or for the dabbler in fitness and physical health! BFS was created to enable fitness and overall health and wellness at every experience level.

Meal prep, Personal Training, Nutrition, and more! We want to make fitness easy for everyone’s lifestyle.

We are here to support you every step of the way, whether it’s your first step or your next step!

Results That Matter

Reasons You’ll Love Bespoke Fit Solutions

Meal Prep

Clean meals that are customizable

Meal Prep

Customizable meals make them a fit for picky eaters and athletes alike!

Personal Training

Workouts and Gyms for you!

Personal Training

Find the right fit of gyms, trainers, and other fitness professionals with our partners!


The best nutrition plan for your body and goals.


Nutrition plans developed by your choice of professional to fit your lifestyle and food beliefs!

Your meals: FRESH

Your training: HARD

We carefully select our local partners so there’s a bit of everything for our clients. Whether you’re looking for high intensity training classes in under 1 hour or something more tailored to your goals, our partners are here to be able to deliver on what you’re looking for.

With certified fitness professionals throughout our network we look to be your one stop shop!

Your wellness: FULL

Bespoke Fit Solutions was founded on the premise of making healthy, convenient. We have committed ourselves to helping you achieve these goals by creating a one-stop network. Where, no matter your activity level, you can find a solution that will fit to your specific needs.

  • Fuel your body the right way
  • Visually see the difference
  • Keep track of your meals and workouts
  • Improve your time management
  • Feel amazing!
  • We are always a call or email away!

Our Food

Everyone loves our tasty selection of healthy food.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Bespoke Fit Solutions was created to enable fitness and overall health and wellness at every experience level.

Together we will achieve

Your Strength 100%
Your Endurance 100%
Your Goals 100%
Your Happiness 100%

Our Partners

Nature's Path to Health

Nature’s Path

Nature’s Patch to Health and Wellness. Proud to offer a rational approach to holistic health care to the communities of Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and Milton. We provide Classical Osteopathic principles, that treat the whole body and go to the root cause, not the symptoms.

Bodhi Bar

Bodhi Bar is Burlington’s premier organic cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar! Also offering organic health shots, and Bodhi Cleanse Packages.

Reaper Gourmet

Reaper Gourmet is based out of Hamilton & produces small batch spices and condiments, each by hand, for with a range that will fit for the pepper head in your life!

In Good Company Kitchen

We are a commercial kitchen rental space in west Oakville available for rent hourly by food businesses looking for commercial food preparation space. Our municipally inspected unit is ideal for catering operations, cooking classes, personal chefs, and small food businesses who are just getting started or are already well on their way.

Awakening Health

Awakening Health is a multidisciplinary clinic that specializes in helping individuals achieve long-term health of body, mind, and spirit.  We provide Osteopathic treatments, Massage Therapy, yoga, and meditation classes.  Our goal is to identify and remove any barriers to healing you may have, and awaken the health that already exists inside you!

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